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Diss: Small Business Owner Rejects Biden Visit, Cites "You Didn't Build That"

Anonymous12881 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 5:24 PM
This, like all his and Obama's "stops" are just photo-ops. Remember when Obama told the soldiers he was visiting that, 'HEY YOU GUYS MAKE A GOOD PHOTO-OP'. To them that is all we are. If we were more they would not have shoved Obama Care down our throats. And if re-elected Mr McMurray, you will be sharing your wealth with the ones who are too lazy to work. Obama has told us his plan is to spread the wealth around. That includes "your wealth".

Yesterday, we saw photos of a fearless pro-Romney caterer at an Obama campaign event in Iowa.  Today, we've been introduced to his courageous counterpart, a baker in Virginia.  I sincerely hope these gentlemen have their taxes in order for the inevitable IRS audits:

Would you say no to the Vice President? One New River Valley business owner turned Vice President Joe Biden down. This might happen more than you think from both political parties, most businesses just don't talk about it. The owner of "Crumb and Get It" - did. Chris McMurray's bakery...