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Since Obama took office the Arab world seems to believe America has become a second rate weak nation. At least 50 Since Obama tok Office the Arab world seems to believe that America has become a second-rate weak nation. At least 50% of us and probably 90% disagree with them. They don't dictate to us what we can say or believe or who we can support. They need to read Ezekial chapters 38 and 39 to see what the true and living God Jehovah has to say about their destiny.
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Obama Versus Obama: Part IV

Anonymous12881 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 1:10 AM
In your dreams!
Just saw a video. Man at Obama rally in Ohio said he was voting for Obama because Obama gave him a phone. What is your price Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania?
I don't know anyone who watches the 3 national networks. The way you word your responses and the lack of real coverage of the Republican campaign shows that you are biased. I don't know who controls you, but know this...we not only don't watch your news, we don't buy your sponsers products either. You have lost the respect and confidence of the American people.
This, like all his and Obama's "stops" are just photo-ops. Remember when Obama told the soldiers he was visiting that, 'HEY YOU GUYS MAKE A GOOD PHOTO-OP'. To them that is all we are. If we were more they would not have shoved Obama Care down our throats. And if re-elected Mr McMurray, you will be sharing your wealth with the ones who are too lazy to work. Obama has told us his plan is to spread the wealth around. That includes "your wealth".
jdz7 this is the problem. People like you who don't bother or are just to lazy to think for yourselves. What do you think? Would these situations be acceptable to you? If so, then you need to move to China.
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