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The in world of Miss Nurse Do Gooder I have the right to infect anyone because I went to the infected counties to help them. F you if I infect you or your loved ones I did good for people in other counties.
In this latest Middle-East madness the only JV team is the Obama White House. The only thing Obama pays attention to is this Golf game. OOPS I am sorry I forgot the Fund-Raising, dining with the Brilliant One. Having the honorer of paying thousands for the great privilege do be near such a great leader of men.
The only JV team is the Obama White House the only thing Obama pays attention to is this Golf game.
The Devil made him do it AKA Mohammad Or Islam, but pardon me I am politically incorrect.
The sign on the desk should have read the Dishonorably Hillary Clinton Liar and Chief for The State Department
This woman is of her rocker she need some meds or she not taking the ones that keep he rational. She makes money on the new slave trade (illegals) and she acts like the lord of the manor in medieval times and that anything she express is fact and us peons should just shut-up.
No remember the PB that was shot they gave him bean bag loads for his gun.
This has gone on for years the Mexican Army covering the drug loads we wouldn’t went the party people not to have their cocaine, you racist I live near the border and have watched this going on for years.
The both of them are incapable of do that,whey have spend their whole life’s not doing any thing that takes one gram of courage, They have no moral character, shown any respect for people of this nation or the rule of law, whey both have a narcissistic complex that they right the world is wrong.
For me living on the border, it is out of control Homeland Security has not been doing their job, they turn their backs on crosser and are told to let them go, deportation is a joke with all of Obama s orders. They have made my life a hell hole,,cut the wages that I can make, thrashed the land around me ,burned down tens of thousands of national forest around me. Then I am told that we need them and give them a path to citizenship. The only thing they do economy is bring more drugs into the U S which is great for the drug users in D C, party hardy
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