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absolutely 100% correct, and so well put, these people aren't worth a dime, they are violent disgusting religious fanatics and thugs, they aren't INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to understand what democracy is or for that matter how to have a civilized society, no more money!!!! PERIOD!!!!!
is that all you've got? what are you - 16?
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100 Days is a Long Time

anonymous1268 Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 1:31 PM
yeah maybe.....? but you know Hansen unfortunately things in our own back yard are just so scary that I don't think people aregoing to be looking abroad when we have a totally disgraceful buffoon in the White House and we are on the brink of some fundamental changes in society that really marks the beginning of the note that half of the country would actually support Obummer in the destruction of our country and that fact alone is so disheartening that we either stand up and fight harder or suffer some painful consequences......
you really need to be somewhere other than site whose columnists speak the truth, unfiltered by MSM idiots, take a hike ok?
thanks for such a detailed and enlightening description of the madness currently in force in this administration, absolutely required reading for anyone who plans on voting in November....I can only hope that voters who pulled for Obummer last time will seriously consider the damage done by allowing this total fool into the highest will take many years to get us back on track once this idiot is gone
you're KIDDING right?
is it even worth trying is the real question....just say'in.......
little do they know if they actually listened to what Romney was saying oh how much better they would be off!!! It's SO STINKING obvious that black teenage pregnancy/ school dropout rate/ total absence of fathers and record number of illigitimate children born every day that is so endemic in black culture is their REAL problem, not the school they go to!!!! where's Bill Cosby when you need him, eh?
I couldn't agree more! I just read a headline piece about riots in Spain with the bloody face of a Spaniard woman front and center....Spain IS at the point of paying that price and it's a complete shock to an entire society of people who have their hand out at every turn (healthcare education,,,blah blah blah) Obamacare represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with the nanny state, is this what we Americans wnat for our country????? It really pains me to watch as as all the traits that made us who we are are slowly being eroded FROM WITHIN ???????
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