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Two-Thirds of American Gun Owners Would “Defy” a Federal Gun Ban

Anonymous12656 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 10:19 PM
Really? As easy as disarming 100,000,000 people with 300,000,000 firearms? I, like many of my compatriots, are military veterans (I'm retired), and former or current law enforcement who will NOT obey illegal orders to disarm or fire upon American citizens. As a matter of fact, we will turn on our "masters" and set this straight. Don't force us to do this, as you will regret it. By The Way, WE STILL HONOR AND RESPECT OUR OATHS. TSgt Bruce A. Beatty USAF (Retired) Great State of Texas

It’s safe to say Feinstein, Obama and the rest of the gun control gang face an uphill battle when it comes to limiting any Second Amendment rights. According to a Fox News poll, most Americans—both Republicans and Democrats—would defy any new laws that would take away their guns.

But on to Question 47, addressed to those with a gun in their home: "If the government passed a law to take your guns, would you give up your guns or defy the law and keep your guns?"

The response: 65 percent reported they would "defy the...