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Time to Compromise on Gun Control

Anonymous12656 Wrote: Sep 21, 2013 3:38 AM
Dr. Adams, Now THAT is my kind of compromise! As it should be, because I have been saying this for decades. I forgive you, Doc, and you have my permission to use this idea forever. TSgt B

There is little doubt that this will be the most controversial column I’ve written to date. But sometimes when working in a university environment one is exposed to ideas that one simply cannot repudiate. And this requires a modification of views – even if those views are deeply held - or very fun, or both.

Such an occasion happened last week on Empty Holster Day – an event sponsored by the College Republicans at UNC-Wilmington. It began as an event designed to convince campus leftists that our laws should be modified to allow those above 21 years of age (with...

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