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I proudly served this nation for 2 decades in the U. S. Air Force. That being said, I most likely would be court martialed in today's military, probably for mutiny for not bowing to the image of the Anointed One. There is no doubt whatsoever that Obama is on a rampage to destroy nation, starting with the military first. TSgt B
Well, Baby Killing Barbie, if the arbitrary taking of human life is so "proper", would you do us a great favor? Be an example, and start with yourself!
Not if we "get" them first.
As she found out, we love our RIGHTS, and we HATE dictators. Boo Hoo, Angela. Enjoy your "retirement".
Pro gay, pro abortion, anti gun, anti military, anti AMERICAN. I was married in a Methodist church, and will have nothing to do with them. The same goes for most organized "religions". I am a faithful, sinful, hopeful believer in the Most High Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for "organized religions". I don't want to be anywhere near these hypocrites on Judgment Day. Instead, I hope to be praying with my children and grandchildren to the One Real God and His Son.
Well, Jinglebob, when the Constitution was written, it was written with a quill pen. Obviously the Founders never intended to allow any other form of written communication, so the computer you used to send this message is obviously not authorized under the Constitution. Also, in the Founders' days, the main means of transportation were by foot, by horse, or horsedrawn wagon or carriage. As such, automobiles, trains, aircraft, elevators and escalators are not Constitutionally authorized. Shall I continue, or have you grasped the fallacy of your argument?
Yes, they have. Little boys aren't allowed to be little boys anymore, and little girls are being pushed to act like boys.
I'd join you, but I will NOT go to New York or any other state that pisses on the Constitution. TSgt B
Just goes to show that love IS blind, and in my case, I plead temporary insanity.
Doug, having read your series on how women can destroy a marriage, I have but two questions: how long have you known my last ex-wife?; and did she narrate this to you?
WAAAAHHH! WAAAAAHHHH! How do you like it, DieFi?
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