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"Homeland is stockpiling enough arms and ammo to fight a war". So are We, the People. That is, you are if you're not a fool. TSgt B
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

Anonymous12656 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 7:03 PM
When it comes to self defense and personal survival, we're on our own, and we always have been. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool. If you have not armed yourself, you're not paying attention.
Being as how ALL of my ancestors came to America AFTER the Civil War and the passage of the 13th and 14th Amendments, and our family has never: owned, bought, sold, kept, beat or in any other way had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY, why should we be expected to pay anyone for anything regarding the subject? Should such "legislation" be proposed or enacted, I would be VERY tempted to react in the fashion of the Founders in their response to British tyranny. TSgt B
Posse Comitaus Act of 1879. Look it up.
"Forced child bearing"? Are you out of your limited little mind? What the Hell ever happened to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? With the broad and numerous methods of "birth control" available, usually for "free", today, there is no reason for a woman who does not want to get pregnant to find herself in that condition. Aspirin, when used properly (held between the knees) can be an effective pregnancy-preventative agent. Killing an innocent child for the sake of mere convenience is a crime against God and mankind. And this "thing" about a child not being "alive" until birth is B.S., too. The egg is ALIVE. The sperm is "alive". The "fetus" is alive. That is TRUTH.
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Guns in the Home

Anonymous12656 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 8:12 PM
I cannot remember a time when there was not at least one loaded gun in the house, either as a child, or as an adult raising 3 kids, and now, with 5 grandkids. My father taught all of us to respect the power of firearms, and if we wanted to shoot, all we had to do was ask. If dad had the time, we would, if not, it had to wait. I had all of my kids shooting by the time they were 5, and the same for my grandkids that are old enough.. Have a S&W .357 within 1 foot of me as we speak, and several other LOADED guns within mere feet. But, I live alone now. When the grandkids are around, most of the guns are where they always are; locked in the safe. I have one on my belt, and others in other places, and they know if they want to shoot, all they have to do is ASK. When it comes to firearms safety, I am a TYRANT. But I know for a fact that my grandkids will be taught right. As a retired NCO, small arms expert, former Drill Sergeant, former cop, certified firearms instructor and loving father and grandfather it is my DUTY to teach them properly.
Besides, what sense would it make to invite them to a barbeque when a lot of them don't eat meat?
Sorry, Jim, but automatic weapons ARE NOT BANNED in the U. S. Just illegally and unconstitutionally taxed and regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934, as amended. It is legal to own machine guns in the great majority of states, but you have to submit to a federal colonoscopy to qualify.
Don't forget Maria Molina!
I'll let a doctor certify me to carry a gun when I can certify him to perform brain surgery. In the case of gun grabbing lefties, he'd have to be a proctologist.
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