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This Evil that passes itself off as "government" has already taken this path; just look at the military. Chaplains are told that they cannot mention the name of Christ Jesus, and are being ordered to perform "civil joining ceremonies" (gay "weddings"). We, as a PEOPLE, MUST take this country back from the evil, Satan-worshipping communist perverts.
The LAST thing we need to do is give "government" control over one more area. Besides, with the number of damned fools talking and texting on the road today, aren't we already there?
Hell, Dingey Harry and the demorats ARE the reason for the severity of the issues facing the country!
Yep, yer right. IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT. After all, he did crucify the Lord, assassinated Caesar, shot Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK, sunk the Titanic and the Lusitania, assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and started WWI, propped up Hitler and put him in power, started WWII just so he could nuke Japan, twice, after he killed Hitler, built the Berlin Wall, set up Teddy Kennedy by secretly drowning Mary Jo Kopechne, overthrew Batista and enthroned Castro, started the Vietnam War, sabotaged Apollo 1, Apollo 13, and the Challenger, invented the AIDS virus, shot down the Columbia, caused the comet to hit Jupiter, gave Monica the Blue Dress, and killed Mr. Spock in Star Trek II. Oh, and shot Vince Foster, too.
The one that REALLY SHOULD be in Gitmo is the One THAT RELEASED THEM.
And the RINO Roadhouse starts to CRUMBLE! Break out the good booze, boys. Time to CELEBRATE. p.s. - Hey Johnny Bonehead, you gettin' the message?
So is that why you stole the furniture and china, so you could hock the stuff?
I gave my daughter the ultimate "rape prevention kit": A S&W .38. 500 rounds of hollowpoint ammo, several speed loaders, lots of practice ammo, and years of firearms training, on top of basic "hand-to-hand" skills, and a good, sharp knife. She's been shooting for almost 35 years, and she knows what to do in the gravest extreme. I would suggest that these "feminists" carry condoms and cigarettes, damned fools that they are.
You just have to get and know the liberal leftist mindset. The M-1 Garands and M-1 carbines, in their limited little minds, were used in millions of cases of "gun violence" (i.e. - WWII, Korean, and Vietnam, for starters) in which millions of their socialist allies (i.e. - commies) were sent to the hereafter in an untimely fashion by "arrogant" (according to BeelezeBarack HuSatan) Americans in the name of Freedom. Therefore, in the liberal/leftist mind, these "weapons of war" (no sh!t, Sherlock) cannot possibly be used at Camp Perry by American citizens and veterans to punch holes in innocent paper by these racist rednecks (remember, it cannot be coincidence that the bullseyes ARE black). After all, we've had SOOOO many driveby shootings, robberies, and muggings done with these antique "assault weapons".
C'mon, Governor Perry: CALL OUT THE MILTIA! We're waiting and ready.
Stop it! You're making too much SENSE! LALALALALALALALALALALALALA!
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