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Damned shame her mother didn't.
We can try it on the soap box, in the ballot box, and maybe the jury box. But face it: with the way things are going, we may have to resort to the cartridge box.
And this is EXACTLY what we must work to change. The "same old" ain't cutting it anymore.
People like you ARE THE PROBLEM, not the solution. Our Founders didn't win Freedom by compromising with the Brits; they shot them.
I don't like the ba$tard either, but I'm not leaving the party. My goal is to TAKE IT BACK!
Bravo, Brother! That's the spirit. "Moderation", my a$$. We need to take some heads.
I'm a fool? For wanting to change the political structure of the GOP back into something honorable? Speaker Bonehead has been SOOOO effective!
Just more proof that Speaker Bonehead and the "Establishment Republicans" are a disgrace! What we need are TRUE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES, and a return to the Rule of Law.
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Do We Need Corporal Punishment?

Anonymous12656 Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 8:09 PM
Sounds like something straight out of the White Towers of Academia. Between me and 3 of my male siblings, all of whom were enthusiastically and corporally punished by a very strict father, we have 61+ years of honorable military service to this nation. We have also never committed violent crimes, and any serious crimes. One of us is an Air Force Academy graduate and former Combat Search and Rescue helicopter pilot. One of us is a 20 year Air Force retiree. Another is an Army 101st Airborne Vet, and the other a Navy vet. We have all led productive lives, and have contributed in many positive ways to society. The liberal condemnation of justifiable, reasonable corporal punishment has bled over into the rest of society, and now we have, especially in minority communities, astronomical rates of illegitimate birth, violent young criminals, and a criminal justice system that is a joke. And it also shows in our "public servants", some of the most spoiled rotten corrupt criminals in society. Spare the rod, and spoil society.
"Republican War on Women"? What a joke! You lefties are the real Warriors Against Women, starting with gun control and self defense, and progressing on to all of the other babblings about nasty wepubwicans. If you were SOOOOO concerned about the plight of women, why did you support that serial sexual predator W.J. Clinton?
And you served in the military for how long?
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