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Go ahead and waste you money, Lil' Mikey. You're not getting my Rights, or my guns, without a fight. And leave your "bodyguards" at home, coward.
I'm about as sick of hearing this "single parent" B.S. as I am of hearing all of the racially divisive terms such a "**********-American". She is not a "single parent", she is either an irresponsible person without enough sense to establish a solid home/family environment BEFORE HAVING KIDS, or she made some bad choices regarding procreating with the wrong type. I am sick of being forced to "contribute" the fruits of MY LABORS to those that really don't add anything of value to the society as a whole. She is just part of 4 generations residing in this country that have been immersed in the idea that they don't have to be responsible for anything, including themselves, because the "government" (i.e. - you and me) will provide for them and their offspring, whether we choose to or not.
The only negative thing to this outcome is the fact that modern technology was able to be used to inform the American People SO FAST that I didn't even have time to pack up and join my Brothers and Sisters on the Forward Line of Battle. Other than that, I am quite pleased with the outcome. Just goes to show, though, that We, the People, need to band together and form our own "Quick Reaction Forces", regionally and/or by state/county/city/block. We also need to reinvigorate the Militia, especially in light of our Dear Leader's desire for a "civilian" security forces as "well-funded as the military; in other words, Obama's own S.S. Time to put the Power back into the hands of the People. TSgt B U.S. Air Force (Retired)
I agree with Sebelius; we can start by not electing baby-killing, G-d hating, gun-grabbing, rump humping, sword swallowing, communist perverts and dictatorial wannabes such as Oblunder, Peloseigheil, Cantreidorwrite, etc.
The time for Constitutional Restoration is nigh!
"They are my people; I am their sovereign! PULL!" h/t - Mel Brooks
Yo, Einstein......my AR-15 IS NOT AN ASSAULT WEAPON. As a retired military man and former cop, I can attest to the fact that the definition of "assault weapons", as defined by the U. S. Army and DoD, mandate that "assault weapons" be capable of "selective fire", i.e., semi-auto AND full-auto capabilities. Please get educated about the subject so as not to make a fool out of yourself.
Hey Barry, no matter how many different ways, or how may different times, you LIE about your agenda, We, the People, aren't buying it! Face it: you're a lying ba$tard that wouldn't know he truth is it bit you on the a$$, and an absolute disgrace to this nation. The sooner you are gone, the better.
I proudly served this nation for 2 decades in the U. S. Air Force. That being said, I most likely would be court martialed in today's military, probably for mutiny for not bowing to the image of the Anointed One. There is no doubt whatsoever that Obama is on a rampage to destroy nation, starting with the military first. TSgt B
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