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It is NOT the military's job, you moron!
Just the kind ol' B.J. likes!
So, does this mean she goes down? What ever happened to an HONEST Democrat?
Had a similar experience back in the early 2000's with then Lucas County, Ohio, Commissioner Sandy "The Iceberg" Isenberg. Her "spokesperson/lawyer threaten to call the cops, which I INSISTED he do. When the local constabulary arrived, I was informed that I must leave, or be arrested and charged with "criminal trespass", in the office of a public official, during official business hours, for daring to attempt to ask my "public servant" questions. I told the sergeant of the guard to go ahead and slap the ol' bracelets on me, presenting my arms. Guess who won that argument? TSgt B
You are so wrong on so many levels. Christ taught and commanded His followers to arm themselves for the purpose of self defense. Both the Old and New Testaments condone lawful violence in defense of innocent life.
Damned shame her mother didn't.
We can try it on the soap box, in the ballot box, and maybe the jury box. But face it: with the way things are going, we may have to resort to the cartridge box.
And this is EXACTLY what we must work to change. The "same old" ain't cutting it anymore.
People like you ARE THE PROBLEM, not the solution. Our Founders didn't win Freedom by compromising with the Brits; they shot them.
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