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Without Deep Spending Cuts, the Republicans Lose the House in 2014

Anonymous12494 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 1:51 PM
It won't be long now before the real crisis starts in america. buy and store food, water, and ammo to protect it. Better have plent on hand for at least a 6 month period of time. Wool blankets won't be a bad idea either and you better get something to prepare your food on. A propane camp stove wouldn't be a bad idea. As the Boy Scouts say "Be Prepared." Remember the crooks won't care about the gun laws. Again "Be Prepared."
Okay, it’s official. According to the Treasury Department, the U.S. debt jumped to $16.1 trillion in 2012 from $14.8 trillion in 2011. That’s a $1.3 trillion deficit for the last year. Remarkable. During President Obama’s first term, the federal debt rose by roughly $6 trillion.
Now, if they are bold, House Republicans will take advantage of these dismal numbers. Bold means bold spending cuts, as in cut spending like there’s no tomorrow. Bold means implementing the $1.2 trillion spending sequester. Bold means an absolute rock-solid commitment to spending cuts. A new Rasmussen survey shows that 62 percent of Americans favor across-the-board...
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