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How Abortion Has Changed America

Anonymous11607 Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 9:05 AM
You're just as sick and twisted as he is, and deserve the same punishment when it finally comes... abortion to you.
AMEN to that. You are absolutely right. Perhaps "representative" government isn't so good when morons elect idiots to run their lives.
"IMPOSING" cost containment means THEY will decide WHO LIVES and WHO DIES. It's as simple as that. The people who support Obama "care" are ANTI-HUMANISTS. Make no mistake about that.
The biggest war we have in this country is the war with socialist-Liberals. We WILL be fighting them in the streets with real arms for our survival. They are using government to kill us, unless we stop them, and at this point in time, I don't really care how it's done.
The federal government CREATED Planned Barrenhood.
Roe and Doe were creations by the federal government to grasp power to itself.
REGARDLESS of the stage an unborn child is in, the child is CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED.
READ the Declaration of Independence and Preamble to the Constitution, idiot. ALL Americans, past, present AND FUTURE are protected by the Constitution. Pay particular attention to the word POSTERITY in the Preamble... it means Future Generations; ALL of one's descendants. It can be NO OTHER WAY.
Unborn children are INNOCENT and could not possibly commit a crime. RAGHEADS, on the other hand, have a penchant for criminality and terrorism. Get the picture yet? Or do you need a house to fall on you?
So women are SUCKERS. The abortion lobby set the bait, and they bit, hook line and sinker. What fools. And now they demand respect. Don't hold your breath, feminists. You don't deserve respect. You deserve revulsion.
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