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Abortionist CEO Tells CNN: My Main Goal Is To Provide "Oasis" For Women

Anonymous11607 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:14 PM
So where does the pro-war, pro-drone strikes come from? I support upholding the right of innocent human beings to exist. I advocate the death penalty for those who wantonly and callously take the life of others for no justifiable reason. I support the Second Amendment to protect my family, friends and myself from dictators like Obama, and people who would do innocent people harm, like robbers, rapists and the like. So where is the hippocrisy? As for being pro-way, I believe in serving my country patriotically, but I do not advocate unjust wars. As far as drone strikes, if someone kills innocent humans and a drone strike is the only way to eliminate that individual, then I am all for it.

Here's the Cambridge dictionary definition for "oasis": a calm, pleasant place in the middle of somewhere busy and unpleasant.

I believe President Obama would approve of the word "oasis" to describe the proper environment for a woman wanting to end the life of her baby; after all, who would want to be punished with such a thing?

CNN acknowledged the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by featuring Amy Hagstrom [where's my hyphen?] Miller, CEO of Whole Woman's Health, a company operating six abortion clinics in Texas--a very pro-life...