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Congress begins uphill battle to pass farm bill

Anonymous11580 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 8:29 PM
Eliminate the requirement of limiting wheat growing. That is, get rid of Filburn. It limits the amount of wheat a farmer can grow supposedly because it interferes with Interstate Commerce. The same can be said of those people who use solar power or windmills to reduce their electricity use.

The Senate has begun laying the groundwork for a half-trillion-dollar farm and food bill that would end unconditional subsidies to farmers, but House Republicans' resolve to cut its biggest component _ food stamps _ by $13 billion a year dims its prospects of passing Congress.

The current five-year farm bill expires at the end of September, and the Senate Agriculture Committee on Friday released a draft of its plan to redesign safety nets that help farmers weather bad times while achieving some $23 billion in deficit reduction. The full committee is to vote next week on the plan, which consolidates conservation programs...