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Creepy: Children Sing Obama's Negative Messaging in New Ad

Anonymous11565 Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 4:15 PM
Spoke to a "moderate" Rabbi the other day and I was told that BO bowing to mullahs is only respect. But he does not bow to Christian leaders. BO wearing a ring that says "there is no god but allah" does not mean he supports islam. Not meeting with the head of Israel was only because BO does not like the politics of the man. But he meet with any mullah he could find. I was told that I just did not understand religion. This is the delusion of the left. Their messiah can do no wrong. They want conception to grave control of our lives and America.

I suppose we all thought the Obama reelection effort had jumped the shark when we had Lena Dunham telling us all about how great our "first time" (voting, that is) would be with Obama.

But no. This is worse. So, so much worse.

Courtesy of Allahpundit over at Hot Air, here's a creepy video of children singing about the alleged horrors of a Romney presidency:

A sampling of the lyrics:

Imagine an America

Where strip mines are fun and free

Where gays...