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to our Marines, if you need ammo, please let me know.
oh well, at least Gaddafi didn't climb the wall, burn, and kill. how are those lobsters and new york steaks in Vegas mr. obama?
i asked for a lobster from vegas, and O didnn't send me one. disappointed off-course
out-sourcing our national security, what did we get in return? from Arab's Spring to Obama's Fall/S
hussein number 1 priority is saving his job, not your or my.
he trust his freedom fighters more than our marines. 9/11: The Return ver. "O"
Well, O Hussein thought that his be loved freedom fighters, now terrorists, love him. So no need for marines. He is now looking for them(his freedom fighters), he doesn't need to look far. They will be greeting our troops in the morning and shoot at them at night. What a narcissist of a president. enjoy Las Vegas Hussein.
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