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If not against us then certainly they do intead to deplete the supply on our tax dollars, even if tey end up having to throw it all out because it gets too old to use safely
Its downright scary these days. Something seems to be looming on the horizon. Not a good thing when citizens begin to fear their own government and its restrictions on freedom.
That as about as much truth about their pathology as I have ever seen put in one statement.
yep, and no crybabies please
Well said
Is too bad most people are in denial of what is actually happening around them. They can't come to terms with the reality of how our freedoms are being erroded with the facade our your best interest at heart.
The MSM is no longer a ligitimate news source. Its a brainwashing misinformation machine. A big percentage of what is mixed in is virtually propaganda driven by the current administration or other special intrerests. I cant stand watching it for more than 10 mins before I have to switch the channel while saying What BS
Congress is the real threat to America.. They are giving free passes as though they are all innocent
I saw the ad and as soon as it came on I muted it. I was appalled that at the end when I saw that it was a red cross Ad . Playing politics using tradegies in peoples lives is disgusting at best
Why cant we get proof of this? Somebody needs to sneak their smart phone into the booth and video tape it to remove all doubt that this does happen on occation. Dont tell me its happening. Prove to me its happening.
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