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Obama as a God, not the God

Anonymous1118 Wrote: May 23, 2012 9:32 AM
Well then, where oh where does all that federal and state income tax that's taken out every single payday go then??????? You have no clue what you are talking about! Oh and by the way, every single time there is a financial crisis in this country, the first folks to have their pay cut, bonuses cut, and zero payraises, are the federal employees. They do it because we have no barganing rights at all, contrary to popular belief. We also have our operating budgets slashed, travel budgets cut, we run out of freaking copier paper! So all of you who think the federal worker has all the perks, well think again because we DO NOT. DC operates as usual and the rest of the work force can't even get office supplies!!!
You are definitely not alone. I can't stomach even looking at the Ba$tard let alone hear his repulsive voice. I am so unbelievably angry at what this con artist is doing to this country. I NEVER considered voting for him because I saw through his lies and empty suit right away, thank goodness. What really pisses me off is all the covering done for him and all the other politicians, both democrat and republican, all play off this jerks actions and words. What happened to all the REAL leaders? You know, the ones that didn't care about re-election and wanted only what was best for ALL Americans. Are they all gone now? If so, then none of us stand a chance.
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