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PETA Wants Memorial to Cow Victims of 5/22

AZhot Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 7:19 AM
How bout Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and all the other Marxist pigs that have caused untold suffering and misery. The left has always been the champion of enslavement by continually putting new lipstick on the pig of Marxism. Evil is evil! How many times must we try Marxism before people realize this?

PETA has asked the Department of Transportation in Illinois to commemorate the spot where 16 cows lost their life on May 22 in a traffic accident says a report in the Chicago Tribune.

The cows plunged from the back of a tractor trailer when it jackknifed on a bridge on an I-80 highway overpass.

I’m wondering if we could just have a memorial BBQ. I’ll bring the grill.

Now, before you start laughing remember: This is Illinois.

(John Ransom is on vacation until 12/31/2012. Pls enjoy this column from 12/27/2011) 

Yes, that state.

You know how people...