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Your example is a case of constitutional law and the court ruled correctly. Most of this other nonsense on the prog. Agenda is BS.
You sound like a true prog. Me thinks you are a prog wolf in sheeps clothing.
The Marxists control both the LSM and our educational system. Add to that an uber oppressive bureaucracy and you can see the death of the republic from here. We are a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY, but we have allowed the Marxists to pervert even this term.
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Equality! Obama's the Worst!

AZhot Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 8:53 AM
You have to understand that a Marxist like 0bozo doesn't care. He only cares that he is succeeding in his 'fundamental transformation' of America. The LSM deserves to be hung by their feet for being complicit in this evil undertaking. Most of all tho we can thank the low/no info swine that voted for this disaster twice. 0bozo and the Scumocrats have bought large voting blocks off with free stuff and now 52% of the folks are on the plantation.
Add Iraq and Afganistan.
Good answer. See Thad Cochran. Face it tho, this country has swung to the left as the gimme crowd out numbers the producers. We will ALL have to pay the piper.
Probably related to Ben Dover.
Probably related to Ben Dover.
I do. I don't even know who these talking head AH's are and don't care to know. They're all wastes as far as I am concerned.
I keep saying that our so-called media should be the first one on the chopping block when things go south. After that, our 'educational system' that has produced so many low/no information voters. Then the lawyers who have worked hand and glove to assist these other two charlatans. The cancer runs deep and may be terminal.
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