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Why Not Arm the Jews In Ukraine?

AZhot Wrote: 6 hours ago (8:55 PM)
By his fecklessness and phony lines 0bozo has made the world a far less safer place. The biggest danger, because of this incompetent community orginizer, is war by miscalculation.
No, S as in Scumocrat.
Just like you left wing PC nanny staters?
Most of them can't read or comprehend above a third grade level anyway.
They're Scumocrats, so it's OK.
The Fed is just another example of the "shadow government" that really runs the world economy. J.P. Morgan and a few other filthy rich conspired to start the Fed. In 1913 to supposedly stop boom and bust cycles. We know, that like other federal bureaucracies, it does just the opposite.
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The Recovery is Dead

AZhot Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 9:52 AM
Things will get worse if Billary is elected.
You make the assumption that the Feds have a constitutional right to just grab land for the use of the corrupt political class like dingy Harry and son.
Typical liberal idiot.
The Federal Government has no business in the land business. People like you who worship at the alter of big oppressive government deserve to lose all their freedoms and end up in some gulag somewhere.
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