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Welcome to the GOP, Artur Davis

Anonymous10887 Wrote: May 31, 2012 2:29 PM
It's time to wake up! America is in trouble. Words mean something. It is time to act. Are we getting the real facts from the media? Have we the people been duped? I once heard a TV newscaster proudly boast, "The news is what we make it." The question is ... Have we been politically blinded? See if you have! This is an eye-opener. Google this... K Carl Smith... (include spaces), the link is, and watch this video IF YOU DARE. Please copy and paste this on your email list to all you know. America needs to know the truth -- we are the enslaved of the government slave master. This is an important message for all Americans. Especially important for blacks to watch

Former Democrat, Obama supporter and Congressman Artur Davis is making the switch to the Republican party. Davis is a former member of the Congressional Black Caucus and after watching for three years as the Democrats destroy this country and break promise after promise, he's had it.

While I’ve gone to great lengths to keep this website a forum for ideas, and not a personal forum, I should say something about the various stories regarding my political future in Virginia, the state that has been my primary home since late December 2010. The short of it is...