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It Begins: Dem Super PAC Launches Site to Vet GOP VP Picks

Anonymous10887 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 2:49 PM
If Blacks, and everyone would search this man, K Carl Smith , with spaces…and watch his Vimeo video with an open mind they would learn to vote with much more discernment and intelligence. Watch his Vimeo video and learn how their values do NOT mesh with Democrat values at all. He’ll tell you how to get off the Democrat plantation and think for yourselves when you vote. He’ll ask these questions: Do you respect in the Constitution? Do you respect the value of life? Do you believe in limited government? Do you believe in personal responsibility? Think about it!

It’s laughable to consider, but the party that brought us Vice President Joe Biden is so concerned with Mitt Romney’s veep pick that they’re launching an opposition research site to vet Romney’s potential number twos. After months of researching, leftist Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century launched today, a site that has hundreds of pages on Rob Portman, Tim Pawlenty, and Marco Rubio. ABC News reports:

American Bridge decided to release the information before Romney picks his running mate in order to give fellow Democrats, as well as the press, a head-start on examining the major...