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Yes, the fifth fallacy is the most important one. Scrolling through these comments it appears no one here gets it. When the fifth hits, and it will, all else will become moot as we begin our individual struggles to feed and protect our immediate family. I work in the retail grocery business. No grocery store has a warehouse on site. They have a back stock of little more than a half a case to a case of any given product in the back room. They get three to four trucks a week and if there is anything that disrupts that 'just in time' product flow, especially for meat and produce, the shelves will be empty in a hurry.
Even the astute readers and commenters in Townhall are being victimized by the fifth fallacy. Lee Cary, writing in American Thinker, The Black Swan in the Perfect Storm, suggests the inexorable and inevitable affect of basic arithmetic will push us into crisis. Or it could be the implementation of another currency to replace the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. Whatever the cause, the crash is inevitable and it will be much more than a mere 30% market correction. Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has suggested that the temporary disruption of the food stamp program in several states (which I personally think was engineered but have no evidence) is just a very small taste of what will happen. Apocalyptic fiction abounds with various descriptions of how our society will react. None of them draw a pretty pict ion or comfortable outcome. The fifth fallacy is the most important one.
So what do you with it?
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Gas Myths

anonymous10760 Wrote: May 29, 2013 12:17 PM
Capitalust has it right! The retail cost gas is being driven by the devaluation of the dollar, not the cost of a barrel of oil. 1915: Gold-$20.67 per Toz; Oil-$15 per barrel or 22.57 grams of Gold (31.1 gr in Troy Oz) 1950: Gold - $40.25 Toz; Oil - $ 17 br or 13.1 gr Gold 1972: Gold - $ 63.84 Toz; Oil - $19 br or 9.26 gr Gold 2000: Gold - $272.65 Toz; Oil - $27.40 br or 3.1 gr Gold 2010: Gold - $1224.53 Toz; Oil - $71.21 or 1.8 gr Gold Current spot (11:30AM EDT) Gold - $1387.50 Toz; Oil - $94.63 br or 2.1 gr Gold Its the devaluation of the dollar! Not the cost of the product! You see the same trend in all the commodities.
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Tyranny is no Longer 'Lurking'

anonymous10760 Wrote: May 21, 2013 8:56 AM
And the 17th Amendment. Does anyone really believe we would have such a runaway government if each Senator had to report and defend his votes to his state legislature?
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Our Stained, Muzzled Military

anonymous10760 Wrote: May 10, 2013 9:06 AM
Anybody know why the editor's chose a picture of either Iraqis or Afghans instead of a picture of our troops?
hello Charles I would appreciate your thoughts on the probability of the US Dollar losing it's Reserve Currency status and the reslting chaos that will cause in the US economy. Each month there are reports of more off-currency deals being made. There will come a time probably during Obama's watch that the other G11/21 nations will decide the dollar is no longer viable. What do you see as the probably impact of that decision on American day to day life?
Congressmen should vote based on their core principle and convictions on whatever plan Obama puts up. But then we already know that the only core principle a politician has is to get reelected.
Well, it is a BENEFITS TRANSFER card.
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