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Love the American taxpayer gravy train. You get $900 million plus in tax payer money and its never enough. It only benefits DC so let DC users pay for it.
Isn't it exciting when you receive a "selfie" from your idol.
The RNC, Crossroads and the many other similar groups desperately need to counter the MSM ignoring of the sinister IRS's lies, cheating, persecution and punishment of innocent Americans. It will be expensive, but given that the MSM will not report the rape of our country and constitution we must ask the American people to give anything they can to fund an effective campaign of information distribution. A request would collect millions, and although small would allow some information to reach voters. The withholding of information must stop.
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Responsibility and Freedom

anonymous10633 Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 1:52 AM
And it was minor inconveniences when compared to the Obama dictatorship.
Thank you Mitt for your active support of Scott Brown an honest, knowledgable, and hardworking candidate in NH. I don't agree with some of his positions but I do know that we need more politicians like him, and less of the Obama clones.
And this sadly is the cream of the American educational system, and the voters that determine the future of this country. Absolutely nothing between their ears, just the standard left's mantra that anything they don't agree with is racist, and designed to kill.
NOW (National Organization for Women) does not care about women, and never has. They only care about their left wing agenda and ramming it down everyones throat.
The truth is is that a march of a million past the White House and Congress will be reported on some of the MSM and local TV stations, and ignored by NPR, Public television and the NY Times and Washington Post.
Obama will just say he hadn't read it in the MSM yet and therefore doesn't know about it. However, he promises to look into it over the next six months, when he has time, between holes at the golf course.
The border is not under State control, but Federal control. Obama is the one that has allowed this. Call the White House and demand that the children be returned to their country of origin NOW. If enough people, millions, call the White House will be forced to act, but they won't act while they control the media.
The dictator Obama Administration regime must be stopped. They truly are the "Brown Shirts" as they describe themselves when Americans are ordered not to talk or they will be silenced' when the federal agents want them to reenter the camp. When Americans are threatened and exposed to disease and medical problems. Send them back NOW!
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