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Hopefully she doesn't have any children, or for that matter a husband.
Excellent! May there be many more. A Vietnam Veteran
Where do we find and elect fools like this?
Go Israel. Go! A Vietnam Vet
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A Whopper Of A Deal

anonymous10633 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 3:26 PM
Lets establish a few facts. The largest shareholder in Burger King now and after the merger is a Brasilian company. No other country requires its corporations (and individual taxpayers) to pay both US taxes on US business sales and foreign business sales. All other countries require that taxes are paid in the country earned, but not to some other country. Thats fair. To have to pay both where your store is located, and to the IRS when that income had absolutely nothing to do with the USA is robbery, and companies, and individuals, don't want to be robbed.
Say NO to the Harry Reid Clone: Alison Lundergan Grimes. This country needs to move forward, and away from the Obama Presidency, and not backward.
Absolutely correct, and I wish those in self imposed ghettos would break the vicious cycle that their liberal, welfare society politicians promote. Take a step away from what these pathetic black politicians sell and free yourselves. A sound marriage, parenting, education to your level of abilities and goals, and getting off the streets are what will benefit poor blacks and others, and ultimately society.
Bet they don't find the hundreds of murderers they released on the American public. Pray for those that become their victims, and the President that has released them.
One must always remember that is difficult to decide whether to increase bombing, or not, when a vital putt focuses the mind. Over the last few years, now, and in the future if anyone tells me how intelligent, cerebral, great speaker, humanitarian, leader or honest this President is, a smile will come to my face, and I will start laughing and think that this farce of a President is not a fraction of the man that President Carter was. A Vietnam Vet.
Since when can illegal aliens from anywhere be forced on to the local taxpayers for free medical services, school education, welfare assistance and anything else at American taxpayers expense when American citizens may refused these services or receive less because of the illegals, and the current year local and federal budget restrictions? Where is this in the Constitution?
The MSM continue to try and hide these Islamic terrorists and murderers.
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