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With arrogance like that we have the failure in the White House. Give me one of these "stupid" people that is an expert mechanic, or started Apple, Microsoft, or is straigtening out the former mess in Wisconsin.
Eureka College makes the pathetic Harvard and Columbia graduate look like he attended ISIS training facilities by comparison. Give me a graduate of a normal university like Idaho State, Penn State, Texas A&M, or practical experience and no university any day.
A great and honorable man who loves this country. How this country would have been so different with this man instead of the pathetic excuse for the man/child we have.
We have known this for years, but the question is when will we do something about it. When will we have balanced budgets. When will we stop transferring the debt to our childrens and their children's future.
Lies, and more lies from this administration.
And how many American civilians and military will die as a result of the lies of Obama and Rice in releasing the five Islamic terrorist commanders to commit more atrocities.
Surprise: Rice lies almost everytime she speaks.
Seriously, do you really have to ask if this destructive and corrupt administration is asleep at the switch, again. The only question is which innocent Americans will die today because of the hidden agenda of this WH.
Obama is so concerned about the Russians killing Ukrainian civilians that he will think about the killings between the 16 & 17 hole on the golf course instead of the 9 & 10 holes, but he says hes not going to change his failed policies.
We are very, very disappointed in these members.
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