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The persecution of Christianity goes on unabated.
Why in the hell are our military forces being sent as health officials to an Ebola area. They have no business being there, being exposed to the disease, and absolutely no knowledge of health issues. Send health people if you want but not the military.
One thing is for certain, a college education does not instill intelligence, common sense or knowledge of current events. Honestly, the best thing for them is to have them get a one-way ticket to Syria-Iraq-Turkey and join ISIS.
On tenth thought Kerry doesn't have a clue what is going on, but he is enjoying his world travel, photo ops, and executive travel accommodations. What more could you ask for! A Vietnam Vet
It's time for the good people of New Hampshire to get rid of this Obama clone. "Live Free or Die", not if Shaheen has anything to do with it.
Saudi Arabia has funded the construction of thousands of mosques in Western countries while denying Chriatians the right to practice their religion in Saudi Arabia. All this funding and indoctrination in Western countries should be stopped until there is complete freedom for Christians.
College is the worst choice for half of the students I have gone to school with. Often they gain little knowledge, use it even less, and have loads of debt for little benefit. They would be so much "smarter" if they went into a trade and prospered without the radical indoctrination.
Obama, the Dictator, can do anything he wants, and doesn't have to follow the Constitution when he doesn't feel like it. Which is always. A Vietnam Vet
And after the corrupt IRS is finished with the audit, and confiscating their assets, the corrupt Justice Department's Attorney General will sue the Foleys for divulging government threats and incompetence. We are with the Foley's in this fight with Obama's corrupt government. A Vietnam Vet
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