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When will the Black and White working poor get the President to stop this cultural suicide.
And he was a miserable failure at that job as well!
The next two elections really need to be a wake up call to voters of every knowledge level. If they wake up, the wayward politicians will run scared and do what they are told, but if not we will continue our downward spiral of waste, lies, incompetence, deceit, murder, and the destruction of the country. College kids in every tv interview come across detached from reality; Black American families being destroyed by illegal aliens and their incompetent Black politicians; and dizzy young women that can't even pay for their own contraceptives. Is this the future of the country? Pathetic.
We never learn. Just throw more money at the problem of incompetence.
"Low Knowledge" voters love and worship Obama the Dictator, and sadlly American Blacks have fared the worst with this clown. When you base your vote on skin colour you will end up suffering the most.
No matter how long it takes, the truth must come out about those in our government that left Americans to die, and offered no help to save them. Shamefull.
Go Israel Go! Someone has to have the moral courage to fight these terrorists, and defeat them. No one must live under a constant bombardment of rockets. A Vietnam Veteran.
Thank you Mitt for being the only one to know whats going on. Obama the Incompetent strikes again.
They just don't get it. The solution is not more money for the VA bureaucracy. The solution is the Vets ability to be seen immediately by their local doctor/hospital. We have the largest medical system in the world. Why do we need a massive government run bureaucracy to service a tiny fraction of the populace? Sell the VA assets, return the health care workers to the community, and sell the billions in VA assets. A Vietnam Vet.
Obama will probably put his autographed photo in the West wing, thereby recognizing his many similar characteristics and goals for the Middle East.
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