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Where Was President Obama?

leader4hru Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:46 AM)
Either hiding under the desk, or shooting hoops in the WH.
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Is Tragedy in Ottawa Linked to ISIS?

leader4hru Wrote: 9 hours ago (1:45 AM)
You better believe it. The enemy is within us, and the Islamic terrorists have begun their executions. A Vietnam Vet.
More likely is "honey I got my share of the Mexican drug cartels money buying our weapons so lets think about taking that vacation trip we talked about"
Earnest just lip synced his masters voice. As the Dictator said, I don't give a damn about the common people in America. I give the orders, and the slaves will obey.
Obama would suggest the driver be retested before continuing to drive since there was probably nothing malicious in killing one soldier and injuring the other. When you have never even managed a hot dog stand what more can you expect.
When the good guys have guns, good things can happen. Kevin Vickers, The Sergeant at Arms in the Canadian Parliament, a position normally allocated to carrying the Mace (Authority of Office) into Parliament, was however suitably armed yesterday, and immediately helped kill the Islamic terrorist before other innocent people were executed. It's all about the ability to protect yourself and your fellow citizens. Thank you Mr. Vickers.
The Islamic terrorist's family is from Algeria in North Africa. The next question is who carried out the other shootings in other areas of Ottawa?
Jihad on the streets of western countries is underway. Beheading in London. Car killing near Montreal. Execution of soldier in Ottawa. Which city, town, country location will be next. They are just getting warmed up. We are in a war with Islamic extremists and we better play to win.
Neither are regular soldiers at US bases allowed to have ammo. i.e. The US Army has a policy of troops at US bases not being armed (no ammo). So the massacre at Ft. Hood Texas by the Islamic extremist US officer didn't have to worry about being challenged when he started killing all those soldiers at the hospital.
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