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Obama clone Begich must go for the good of the country.
ISIS not only thinks they can walk all over us, they know they can walk all over us. They are a lot smarter than Obama.
These people must not be allowed back into Britain under any circumstances. They are just terrorists that lied to get into the country.
Obama and Holder definitely don't care about this White guy. It just doesn't have the impact on the evening news that Ferguson has. Then to really get the MSM's attention loot a few businesses of hard working people trying to earn a living and the hatred and interviews will be continuous.
Obama and Holder just want a show and photo op as usual. Do we honestly think that Holder and Obama are going to visit everyone that is killed or shot across the country. They would be so backlogged that they would be holding news conferences and visiting families 24 hours a day just in Chicago, let alone the rest of the country.
Go Israel, Go! No more meaningless ceasefires please.
My only question is why is the approval rating so high at 41%? Is 41% of the population so stupid that they can't see that everything this President has done has been a disaster for the people, the country and the world.
Lehmberg is a disgrace and had no remorse for driving with 3 times the legal alcohol level. Had she killed some family out for a drive she probably would have sought a pardon. Just another elected scumbag.
Obama making himself a dictator wasn't supposed to be possible under our Constitution, but we have seen that flaw exposed. Why should any of the next Presidents restrict themselves when it is so blatently easy to just do whatever they want by waving a magic wand.
Our prayers are with him.
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