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Not only world leaders. Almost every GWB journey had cabinet members, military and congressional leaders in attendance and holding meetings which they would then address to the travelling press.
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

anonymous10633 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 2:26 PM
Oh that the black community had more Ben Carson, JC Watts, Allen West, Tom Sewell and Walter Williams. The black community must wake up to the illegal alien onslaught to their future and those perpetrating their continued and unrelenting destruction.
Fascism reigns in this country.
It's one thing to be a dismal disappointment, but can you think of a better way for Obama to make every attempt to "actively" destroy the US.
What a disaster of a President, and a human being. "Unrest .... and territorial integrity" of the Ukraine. It's called a war and an invasion you idiot. "Build a coalition". With whom? You hate Israel, and so you think Syria, Iran and Pakistan are going to be your coalition? "ISIS represents the very worst element in the region". The very worst element! Are you joking. The destruction of the country is at hand. Thank you Mr. President.
The Obama administration is probably also unaware that Islamic Terrorists are conquering the Middle East, or Putin has invaded the Ukraine, or ..... (fill in the blank). Lets thank this dictator for almost single handedly destroying this country.
Work permits enable everything else to happen. Health coverage, licenses, unemployment, welfare and voting. Anyone who thinks this is the end of things is a fool, as it is only the beginning. We have a Constitution? You could fool me. This is a Dictatorship and this lawlessness must be reversed.
If anyone with an objective view, looking for the facts, shows up at a meeting like this they will be shouted down, called racist and probably assaulted. These meetings are not discussions but lynch mobs.
Dictators have never needed the voters or their representatives approval to implement one man rule. Thats the beauty of a dictatorship, you can ignore the Constitution when you feel like it.
Any veterans and their families that vote with Obama/Hagan need their head examined. A Vietnam Vet
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