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Obama doesn't care about Border Agents, he's already proved that. So what if a few more Americans die defending the country from illegal aliens. As long as it doesn't interfere with his next golf game.
The Democrats keep sticking in the knife on Landrieu. Compared to Murray (D-Washington), Boxer (D-California), Shaheen (D-NH) and Hagan (D-NC) she was better, but obeying Obama just wasn't enough. A word to Dems, doing exactly what Obama the Dictator says won't save you when they no longer need you. Vietnam Vet.
The sad part is is that Leno gave in to the antigun lobby. He has enough money that these things shouldn't influence him. Sad. Hey, move on, there are many others that would be happy to speak.
The $500 dollar tattoos are obviously at the American tax payers expense.
Whether the polls are 99% or 1% it's irrelevant. It's morally and legally against the law and a major disaster and stab in the back for the poor: black, white or green it makes no difference. Another spit in the face of the American people from this President.
Obama was out golfing and will think about the 3 dead Americans when he is waiting to tee off for the next hole. He would probably say the stupid American people wouldn't know the difference anyways.
I'll bet they see, hear and speak about anything but these issues.
There are many wonderful American blacks, born leaders, and many who I would vote to be President or anyother political office, but when it comes to American politics they are more slave to the Democrats then they were on the plantations. Consider Allan West, JC Watts, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice and so, so many more deserving of your support. The Democrats just hold you in contempt for your loyalty.
Don Rosenberg will never hear from Obama because Obama hates America. Drew Rosenberg is just an inconvenient statistic to him. Why else would Obama give amnesty to illegal people who lie, cheat, steal, murder and disobey, and have contempt, for our laws
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