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Everything Obama the Incompetent says is untrue. The whole administration is a joke to Americans and the world.
Lucky for America that at least 60% has figured this out. The other 40% are still totally ignorant.
Two clowns in the same limo, must be Barnum and Bailey. God help the American people.
We certainly don't need another Biden, but the Democrates will be stuffing the ballot box on this one.
Another incompetent Senator. What else is new.
Support the poor, black, and legal hispanics in America by excluding illegal aliens from entering the country and taking their jobs. With 11.2% real unemployment there are more then enough qualified workers to take the jobs, earn a small living and get started on expanding their skills, experience and goals.
The American electorate can't stand the truth. Keep talking Ted. They need to listen.
But this is continuing and its almost 6 years now. How can we get important information to the Voters in America if the major networks just want the US to self destruct.
I may not care much for Sen. McCain but at least he is doing the right thing. Our Incompetent in Chief is doing nothing except picking his tee times and selfie poses.
Another leftist progressive that will countenance no freedom of speech or alternative beliefs. What else is new. The university gulag reeducational campuses are destroying the future of the country.
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