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Our brave Seals died while pinned down on a roof aiming a laser guidance device at the mortar positions which were firing on them while the pleaded for close air support which the yellow Muslim in the White House ordered to Stand Down. Not once, not twice but three times. Then when a Commanding General and a Commanding Admiral issued orders to go in spite of the coward-in-chief, they were arrested on the spot.
Charles SWVA You have got to be kidding right? "Journalism" was replaced with "Liberal Sensationalism" at least twenty years ago and virtually all "alphabet networks" are nothing more than liberal mouthpieces.
JudithBG - Obama let them get murdered because Obama was "offended" by the "insult" to his Muslim Idol. The revenge of a yellow coward.
Now I really am worried. "Swiftboat Johhny" to the rescue.......Good Lord Help us all.
A more likely truth here is that Barrack Hussein Obama (The Muslim who occupies the Oval Office of our White House) gave us all the real truth about why he did not send help when the attack was taking place. Barrack Hussein Obama personally was offended by the spoof video and he personally retaliated by allowing his Muslim Brotherhood to attack and burn our compound in Benghazi and kill four patriotic American citizens. His inaction was his revenge for what he percieved to be an insult to his "religion". THAT is a much more likely truth than anything else that has been put forward.
Great....Maybe we can borrow some money and pay off our debt too! Is he really that stupid?
I for one am not interested in impeachment proceedings. I want him arrested now. He is an enemy combatant. and as such belongs in GITMO with his Muslim bretheren.
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Biden: You'll Vote For Me in 2016

Anonymous1027 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 8:29 AM
I will vote for the excrement that comes out of my neighbors dog before I vote for Joe Biden.
"Everytime the president makes an honest mistake republicans call him a liar. " It is only an honest mistake the first time. after that it is devious and deliberate. Obama is a treasonous POS and needs to be tried and executed.
Because Obama is a Muslim. THAT is why.
And on the far end of it there will be no such thing as a Democrat.
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