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Yes, we need more gun control.....Just like Chicago. Now there is Obama's Model city! The man is an idiot.
That is garbage. The issue is far deeper than the divisive racist we have in office. It is the entire collaboration that put him there in the first place. If Mr. Mullin refuses to be part of the soultion for that then he is just another pert of the problem and must be removed from office. There is no half measure to be had here.
You better begin to care or you will not be in office for long.
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Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty?

Anonymous1027 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 6:37 AM
12 Million unemployed American Citizens and 12 Million illiegal immigrants. How can this get any simpler? Throw them out NOW! Seal those borders NOW! These people are not "Illegal Immigrants", they are CRIMINALS and should be dealt with as such. Catch them and send them back where they came from NOW.
What we really have is an IQ Deficit problem and Nancy is the best possible illustration of it.
Thank you! 100% Spot on!
Where honest blacks are rendered helpless against the human predators they raised.
Of course it happened in Florida. Where else could it possibly happen. (Sigh.)
Agreed. What I want to know is when are we going to see Obama charged with Treason?
Our brave Seals died while pinned down on a roof aiming a laser guidance device at the mortar positions which were firing on them while the pleaded for close air support which the yellow Muslim in the White House ordered to Stand Down. Not once, not twice but three times. Then when a Commanding General and a Commanding Admiral issued orders to go in spite of the coward-in-chief, they were arrested on the spot.
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