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Typical of Progressives....."....don't bother me with truth and facts. I've already made up my mind anyway."
The Southern Poverty Law Center is (by its own definition) a hate group. If one studies history, SPLC employs the same tactics used by the NAZI Brown Shirts to oppress their political opposition. So in addition to being a Hate Group, SPLC is also Facists in nature.
They should also return every penny of the salaries already paid to them since their appointment was unconstitutional.
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S&M at WCU

Anonymous10152 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 12:41 PM
There is already a religion practising nudism plus free and open sexual hedonism -- it's called Progressivism. However, it's a government approved religion so it's okay. Don't bother bring up violating the US Constitution. Progressives don't believe in or follow the US Constitution.
The flag should show government functionaries force marching their citizens into gulags at gun point, should include mass graves, socialist heros wearing t-shirts with Che Guvera gunning down any citizens daring to demand freedom and liberty, and the flag should be shown dripping blood of all the victims of socialist nations of the past.
"The plight of blacks in this country today is far more a consequence of a victimization, you owe me culture encouraged and exploited by Liberals than it is to any real residual racism." Actually, blacks today are the victims of deliberate and orchestrated racism. However it's not "redneck" racism. Blacks are the victims of LIBERAL RACISM. Liberal racism says, you are not capable of succeeding in life without me and my liberal policies. Liberals are intent on putting in place policies to keep minorties oppressed and then they tell those some minorities it's someone elses fault and the need their liberal masters to fix the problem which the liberal masters deliberately put inplace to keep the minorities oppressed.
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The Teenage Horror of 'Parenthood'

Anonymous10152 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 2:46 PM
"The counselor says, "If you decide to continue the pregnancy, we'd be happy to refer you for prenatal care. Of course, there are resources for teen moms who decide to raise a child. Adoption is also an option for you to consider. Now, if you decide to end the pregnancy, you have two options." " Those lines right there prove the show is fiction. Those words would NEVER be uttered by any employee of Planned Parenthood. If an employee of Planned Parenthood did say such a thing, they would be fired.
Using the power of government and the influence of their office to black mail and intimidate businesses. Hmmmmm....... that sounds a lot like........ FASCISM!!!
"Using the power of government and the influence of their office to black mail and intimidate businesses." Hmmm....that sounds a lot like FASCISM
If the police officers were limited to a single seven round magazine, then perhaps fewer bystanders would have been injured. Perhaps Gov. Cuomo should leave is misguided law as is and not exempt the police.
"You choose to subjectively select words and assign them a meaning never remotely intended! " You do realize that comes straight from the left wing's Rules for Radicals?
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