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Claim: NSA Program Stopped 50 Terror Attacks Since 9/11

Anonymous10108 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 4:10 PM
In a secret room in a dark place..."So guys it is getting late, lets vote again on how many we should claim...not too many or no one will believe us...not too few or it will seem like we wasted all those resources" AND so the lies continue to delude the ignorant masses that voted for this clown in chief.
Michael3116 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 4:42 PM
And to think they couldn't stop two pot heads from blowing up the Boston Marathon even though they had been warned how come they didn't catch that one since they've been listening in and reading our emails, texts and other communications? If they really were concerned with preventing terrorism why did they allow the bombs to go off in Boston?
MaxAR15 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 6:11 PM
Michael3116, you are not suppose to ask the obvious question. Best watch out as the IRS will now come after you. Not to mention the CIA. Hope you are well protected!!

Testifying Tuesday on Capitol Hill before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Director of the National Security Agency General Keith Alexander claimed that the NSA program and keeping of millions of phone records has thwarted more 50 terror attacks since September 11, 2001 in more than 20 countries. 

Alexander stressed the NSA program is focused on terrorism and foreign threats, but that Americans involved in terrorism are looked at. Deputy Attorney General James Cole reiterated this claim, saying that in order to listen or obtain content of phone calls or emails, there must be probable cause a person is involved...

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