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"Fixed" Obamacare Site Still Fails Hundreds of Thousands of Americans

anonymous Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 10:04 AM
So B.O. says it's fixed. I guess that means enrollees can select what they want, submit payment through the website, verify that they are covered via the website and that their data is secure from would be hackers. No? Then there should be no mandate to sign up or penalties for not doing so. How can it be constitutional to mandate people putting their private information on a site with no built in security? It's like being forced to play Russian roulette and finding out you might have 4 bullets in your gun, others may have 1 bullet and certain people or groups either have no bullets or are exempt from playing at all. To make matters worse, in order to challenge in court, you have to be damaged (or killed) before being allowed to bring forth the suit for you or for the benefit of all Americans.