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America is turning into the TV show Gotham it seems. Make it stop!
Anyone responsible for shutting down this range should be prosecuted and if in government, be banned for life. This used to be America, home of the free.
I'll leave you with POTUS' October perp talk for Democrats:
No trade, no aid, no immigration, and immediate illegal roundups would prompt quick action. Then we could resume trade, but nothing more............. Wouldn't that be great?
B.O. doesn't care because he took weapons across the border and we all know B.O. doesn't want citizens to be armed. Apparently he is not illegal or Muslim and we don't know his sexual orientation or political party. It's ok to send weapons across the border (F& F), but only if it's by the administration.
In my day, we had to be vaccinated to attend school. This is what happens when idiots remove restrictions to immigration and education.
Tea Leoni is attractive and Hilarity looks like Ben Franklin. Leoni's character will do amazing things, while Hilarity's track record is embarrassing if not criminal. If the show is thinly disguised as a show about Clinton, Hollywood will be busy making the character into many things Hilarity is not.
Obama champions extremists! Obama supports jihadists! He is an insult to America and the LIV don't even realize it. So sad.
How about Climate BS? At least it is more honest............
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'Not Islamic'?

anonymous Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 10:03 AM
I'm not sure whether it is PC to call them Islamic or Muslim, but they sure aren't Christian or Jewish. We don't score points with them by being nice, so why is BO trying so hard?
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