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Obama the Problem Creator

anonymous Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 9:09 AM
You got it exactly right. It is totally outrageous he has gone this far with the sum of his follies. He reminds me of the Indian John Wayne spoke about in a movie, that whatever the Indian said, he meant the opposite.
Too bad they are leaning way left.............I've used alternatives for some time now due to this and other bad behavior.
It's a bit late in the day to blame on Bush and everyone is well versed in his bag of tricks, so yeah, it is all his fault and that of his conspirators.
We will continue to deport the truly stupid who failed to remember their excuse of fleeing war or the cartels that was provided to them. After all, this might be 10% or so, once we get operational. Meanwhile, it's catch and release baby! The word on the street says it all, "Permisos if you come, just get here and quick!"
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Financing Terrorism

anonymous Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 10:44 AM
Besides not financing terrorism, I could probably name a hundred or so departments/sub-departments/niches/earmarks/you name it to abolish and defund. We are the government too big to know its full reaches and extent. It is time to do some judicious pruning to make it more efficient and less overreaching and corrupt.
I think any and all solutions to the Obama problem be vigorously pursued. Certainly there is more than a few knights who could valiantly and heroically investigate, prosecute and execute as necessary. All connected need to come to earth and be expunged.
Why not have some fun, this presidency has been a long, slow grind and certainly not in a fun way.
Thomas cost this state a lot of money. I wouldn't vote for him if he was the only candidate running. Scott Smith has a winning track record with the City of Mesa if you want a better candidate.
Any doctor who subscribes to the guns as a public health threat should lose their license. Period. I think I could get more than a few doctors to suggest B.O. is insane, so can we get rid of him now? The sociopath in chief is a threat to all of us.
Yup, handguns and sex toys go under pillows.
That's a long time for foot dragging and obstruction of justice.
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