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Any doctor who subscribes to the guns as a public health threat should lose their license. Period. I think I could get more than a few doctors to suggest B.O. is insane, so can we get rid of him now? The sociopath in chief is a threat to all of us.
Yup, handguns and sex toys go under pillows.
That's a long time for foot dragging and obstruction of justice.
"Wealthy Obama Donor Indicted for Fraud, Conspiracy" How did this happen? I thought all of his crony's were protected?
This is just unbelievable. We need to pressure anyone with one iota of a chance to stop this to do just that. In the meantime, I hope those affected will change their business name and go on about their business until this is ended. What a corrupt administration! This is politics operated like THE MOB! They sure like to trample the constitution under the cover of darkness don't they?
Go after the bonuses that were given out, they were based on fraud. Simultaneously, start prosecuting the ones who prepared the false information and the ones that benefitted by these lies. No more bonuses period, as you can see, all they do is encourage corruption. Finally, fire those responsible for mismanagement and blacklist them for any future government jobs. As far as the VA taking a month for someone to see a doctor, that is my standard timeframe unless I go to the ER or Urgent care. That is just corporate healthcare as I know it for myself today.
He can insist all he likes, we know the truth. He lies, people die. He is more dangerous to the American people than any other person I can think of. I'll be glad when he's gone. This is one case of the snake you know is actually worse than the snake you don't know.
I know quite a few people who wouldn't mind paying more in taxes in order to lower the debt. One problem is that they don't want to give it up only to have it squandered. Further, the politicos continue to pass legislation and budgets with no end in sight. It is they who are not serious. Sure, there are those that would scream loudly about losing their freebies and the politicians would still want to enrich themselves, so here we are. A black hole for debt and plenty of finger pointing to go around.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

anonymous Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 3:19 PM
Isn't it odd that reporters could find this guy after the attack and now, when a pivot is desperately needed from the "dog ate my homework emails", the EPA, and the deserter for 5 Taliban swap, the US finally apprehend this guy. I applaud the way "The One" has made innumerable gaffes that even the LSM can't ignore it all. Priceless.
Maybe she can make that part of her platform, she otherwise has little else going for her.
Actually Hilarity, it is the administration and the Federal tools who are mostly terrorizing the American people. The country with no borders is acting like a communist dictator and all of its machinations are only for the benefit of a very few. There are more efforts to impose the law on the citizenry than those illegal here or entering in now. IRS, NSA, ATF, EPA,.............
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