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If we ever get these bastards out of office they need to go to jail or put in front of a wall.
You have to ask yourself why would the Dem or the GOP want to cut their gravy train. Ever notice how they or their spouse seem to get richer and richer and richer. I don't know about you folks but I'm tired of paying for it.
I seen the poor people come out for the strike walking side by side with people that make 76,000 dollars a year plus 14 weeks vacation every year and have better health care then the poor folks marching with them. What happend to Hate the Rich, and rich is what a teacher must look like too them.
Years of service can't possable make you a better teacher. After years and years any job gets boreing unless your a fighter pilot or something like that. So heres a teacher faceing the same little bastards year after year after year. Do you really think they get better with years of service. I woulden't be supprised if a teacher isn't burnt out after 4 years.
Your right. I worked for kern county for 32 days years ago and all I heard was, Slow down Slow down. I just wasn't geared for the slow pace or the lack of a feeling of accomplishment. I was like dead people going to work.
It would almost be funny if it didn't effect all of us.
My dad told me a story about a guy buying potoes for 1.00 dollar a bag and selling them for 1.00 a bag and couldent figure out why he wasn't making any money. His answer to the problem, he needed a BIGGER TRUCK. Now that sounds like what the Obama folks are doing.
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Did Obama Lose His Convention Bounce?

anonymous Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 10:51 PM
I'm sure I only saw a Bill Bounce.
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