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Its sad for Hipsters in Brooklyn and other places that they cannot pay for the old people who are signing up. Those Hipsters are just not that into saving oldsters... On a very special Hipster values show...
Oh Thank Goodness Courts can explain that problem.
On a very special ABC News with Diane Sawyer....Learn 50 ways to be an elite!
If The White House likes a number, they can change it.
Obama loves that Republican from his home state...Loser mentality.
Pajama Boy is working real hard too!
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Arizona Republicans Censure John McCain

anonymous Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 9:51 AM
"See that I am a Maverick!" Now where are the strawberries?
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New Book Does Hillary No Favors

anonymous Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 9:50 AM
Its a vast right wing conspiracy said a little Wellesley and Yale graduate many moons ago...
"Ah, ah, ah Congress, ah, ah, ah, can, ah, ah, hold on, ah, ah, when I was, ah, ah, ah campaignin' ah, ah, ah I saw a straw man and said I will use you..." Narrator President at his best today. Failed economics if he ever took a class in it.
Spokeskid Claire Shipman grew a beard, impressive.
Democrat resume' enhancement. Proves again they love women who are under their thumb.
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