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Nice speech VP Biden...Very Middle Class of him.
We have to pass it to find out what's in it...ObamaCare giving new meaning to read the bill!
Have Eric Holder sue them in court!
Chicken Little Jack Lew! The sky is falling. The sky is falling!
White House is looking for "Pajama Boy Part Deux..." Got Heem! yes, Jason Furman is "Pajama Boy 2014!" Special moment for Mr. Furman and Mr. Obama. Sleep tight!
Special moment for Mrs. Pelosi! Mrs. Pelosi will perform an abortion for all to admire!
Lanny Davis is a special boy. Still believes Mr. Clinton was a victim of Monica's vagina.
Will our Dear Leader explain how his personal giving is a joke? Will ask VP Biden about his giving?
Just like his Daddy, Mario the Pious, Lil' Junior is a Darling of Liberal Elites and a Lightweight Intellect of Grand Scale because he shows its done. Does anyone remember his Daddy's presidential campaign? It never happened.
Its sad for Hipsters in Brooklyn and other places that they cannot pay for the old people who are signing up. Those Hipsters are just not that into saving oldsters... On a very special Hipster values show...
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