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Link: http://capitalresearch.org/2013/12/green-watch-december-2013-greening-the-churches/
Even the churches have been Hi-Jacked into the Fear Mongering. Any one "Carbon Fasting For Lent" I see this story on that: True climate change believers turn to Lenten carbon fast, (It may be linked here in Townhall) Interfaith Power & Light is promoting that one. We had a lobbyist for the SE Synod of the ELCA, Rev. Mark Peters at the MN capital with Re-AMP/Fresh Energy & Will Steger promoting renewable energy Mandates last year. Instead of Saving Souls the church is Fleecing the Flock by promoting energy sources that the poor cannot afford and destroy the environment they say they will save. Ever heard the words "Creation Care" in your church? I found some history of where this propaganda came from in "Greening the Church" by E. Calvin Beisner. Educate yourself. You can't take things at face value even when they are promoted by the church. Evil doers have a large captive audience(easy mark) willing to give there money in the name of God. Good Christians seldom ask questions when it comes from the church.They would like to replace God's Bible with their green bible. Trust in the Lord but get references from people who say they speak in his name.
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Job Creators Sue Federal Government

anonymous Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 10:35 AM
So environmentalists want to protect endangered species from development of fossil fuel sources but they are willing to slice & dice raptors including America's symbol of Freedom the American Bald Eagle to promote wind energy. A poor energy source that benefits few at enormous cost to tax & ratepayers. It's about money, not energy. The environmentalists are endangering the environment!
I agree with these 5. #1 Resign #2 Resign #3 Resign #4 Resign #5 Resign
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EPA's Next Target: Wood Burning Stoves

anonymous Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 2:22 PM
Study: ‘No Statistical Correlation’ Between Fine Airborne Particles, Premature Death | CNS News Source: cnsnews.com Smog hovers over Los Angeles, Calif. (AP photo) (CNSNews.com) – There's no evidence to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) longstanding claim that fine airborne particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrograms or less (PM2.5) is killing thousands of Americans every year, according to the first comprehensive study of its kind. The study, entitled “Airborne Fine Particulate Matter and Short-Term Mortality,” was released on JunkScience.com last month. It compared air quality data collec...
Your windmill will be even more complete if you add The symbol of America's Freedom, The American Bald Eagle. It should be depicted being sliced in half by the blades of the windmill. This will remind us how the American wind industry/AWEA lobbied USFWS/Washington to get 30 year take permits to kill eagles free of prosecution. Kill eagles to save them. Really?
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