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Obamas' Cost of Living in the White House: $1.4 Billion a Year

Jake Cutter Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 12:18 PM
How important can a man be whose position may not even matter with two years left in his term? It's time to tell presidents to stay in D.C. if they want taxpayer protection. Otherwise, they are on their own. If the president died today (any president, not just Obama) the world would keep turning and someone would attempt to govern. That being the case, how important can the president be?

As Carol touched on yesterday, while the White House keeps its doors closed to the people under the guise of "devastating sequestration," First Lady Michelle Obama is preparing for her glitzy 50th birthday party with performances by Adele and Beyonce. Although the party is being touted as private and therefore paid for by the Obamas, taxpayers will still have to foot the bill for secret service and other accommodations at the White House for the event. Meanwhile, President Obama just held a fancy dinner for Republicans just six blocks away from the White House and of course he took...