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Ann Romney looks great and she can spend her own money however she likes too!
A lot more factories will close if we get another four years of Obama. With higher taxes where do think factories will go....try Mexico, China, and everywhere else.
Don't let the door screen hit ya on your big fat ....
Go away you racist, bigot.
If Tucker Carlson said anything like this he would be out of a job. Jehmu, should be fired from Fox.
Your a racist Dimitri!
The mainstream media went after Sara Palin on her clothes too. Ann Romney looks great and she can afford nice clothes so whats the problem?
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Romney Releases New Web Ad

anonymous Wrote: May 02, 2012 2:30 PM
Vote Romney 2012!
My great grandmother taught school on an Indian reservation, and I never claimed to be anything other than white, and managed to go to college. What a liar!
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