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Rahm Emanuel Not so Popular Anymore?

anonymous Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 12:19 PM
"good presidential candidate because of his connections, effective fundraising, and knowledge of the political process." Nothing about his leadership abilities, ideas for turning around the country, foreign policy, etc...all those little unimportant aspects of being president....oh wait, I misspoke....those are only things that are necessary for a Republican to be president....never-mind.

Well it looks like things may not be going all that well for Rahm Emanuel after all. In a new poll out today, the Chicago mayor has lost major points in the approval rating. We all know that recently the murder rate in Chicago has dramatically increased. Supposedly the mayor has done much good for the city, but it appears that perhaps the media isn’t really seeing how Chicago residents feel about him. For example, the Washington Post recently had a story on their website entitled “President Rahm? Maybe.” This story talked about how Rahm would make a good...