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My thoughts exactly.
She had to pretend to care about the kids during the first term....they got their second term, so they don't have to pretend about ANYTHING anymore....(see: video of first lady at inaugural lunch, scooping it in, eyes rolling, elbows on the table).
Definition of COLLECTIVISM 1 : a political or economic theory advocating collective control especially over production and distribution; also : a system marked by such control 2 : emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity Any of several types of social organization that ascribe central importance to the groups to which individuals belong (e.g., state, nation, ethnic group, or social class). It may be contrasted with individualism. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the first modern philosopher to discuss it (1762). Karl Marx was its most forceful proponent in the 19th century. Communism, fascism, and socialism may all be termed collectivist systems. See also communitarianism; kibbutz; moshav.
Wow, that is amazing, you mean there are virtually no guns in the cities....outstanding....oh, wait...that seems to be where most of the gun violence takes place...oh, so the racists from the suburbs go to the cities to shoot them up...ok, now I get it....
Don't forget they want to give cell phones to the homeless as well.
There will be no Christmas.
And zero's campaign will probably say they are giving up.
My child is LGBT...and voting for Romney...and guess what...didn't turn to ash when the early vote was made.
"Thirty five thousand (35,000) calls were placed, and 1,122 respondents fully participated in the survey ...... Are Americans less likely than ever to answer polls? " Americans are less likely to answer their phones due to caller ID. I never answer mine when it is someone I don't know.
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