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California Legislators Vote To Increase Gas Tax

anonymous Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 1:14 PM
I too live in So Cal...6 years ago in anticipation of military retirement, my husband and I bought property in Texas....soon, very soon we will be out of this place. $4.30 a gallon is just the tip of the many things wrong with this state.....and I have lived here most of my life (my husband is from Texas). As Davy Crockett once said “You can all go to Hell and I'm going to Texas. ”

The California Board of Equalization voted 3 to 2 yesterday to increase the tax on gas from 36 cents per gallon to 39.5 cents per gallon, about a 10% increase. This increased excise tax is set to go into effect July 1.

Instead of correctly labeling this as a tax hike, however, state legislators are instead calling it an adjustment mandated by law:

"A lot of people have the misperception that the board of equalization is raising your tax. We don't have the authority to raise taxes. We are mandated by the legislature to adjust so that we have...