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Those with insurance & the tax payer pay not the tooth fairy.
That will be just the beginning. After you pay taxes on employer aided health insurance all health care will be more expensive. Preventative care will be eliminated & more people will die because they waited to go to MD. This already costs the tax payer billions.
You gripe as one justice selected by a republican pres. did not vote the party line. That is why they are seated for life. They are the best choice of the pres. BUT they follow the constitution NOT the party of the pres. choosing them. Suck it up.
You can be charged at a higer tax rate if you live in a flood prone area & refuse to buy Fed. flood insurance. These people feel it will never flood their property, or the government will bail them out when it does flood. Common sense & a little research would tell these people that the property is in danger & insurance is the better alternative.
OK conservatives do not like the plan Can't they get together and develop a plan that does what we need??? I pay plenty for health care & my employer pays plenty. Consortiums are the way to go for small business. Lets bring care into the 21cent. Centralized records & billing Pay for results, not more medical tests. Fix the malpractice problem I have been paying taxes to pay for those who go to the ER for every illness with no primary care, no insurance & no chance. Primary care reduces cost, diabetes, blood pressure etc can be cheaply taken care of before they become major. Lets fix the problem, not just pass it around & complain
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Photo ID, the Left, And Voter Fraud

anonymous Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 1:06 PM
No one brings up the problem of fake photo driver's licenses/other government I.D. I hear they are easy to get, lots of the 'disenfranchised have them.
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Recalling Scott Walker

anonymous Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 8:33 AM
As a retired teacher, I remember the time before unions when each individual went before the Superintendant & lobbied for a pay raise. Men were higher paid than women, if you were disliked for any reason, you got little or no raise. If you got pregnant, a married teacher was fired or laid off, If you needed an emergency day to go to court, see an MD, bring a wife home from hospital with a newborn,etc. you had to give 2 weeks notice to the Super. & be docked a day's pay IF it was OKed. Unions in the public area have done much good. Public servants should not be less favored than non-public. Also the raise anyone got bore little relationship to the cost of living, so most of us worked two jobs to support the family.
Right on!!!
In the school districts in my county, the use of electronic devices such as cell phones is not allowed in the class room. They are a distraction & allow for cheating in test situations. The appearance of a cell phone would result in its confication by the teacher. The student's parent would have to confer with the principal to have it returned.
Your information is out of date. Koch Bros. & big oil financed a study of the climate data from East Anglia and others. Richard Muller, physicist from UC Berkley & a climate change skeptic headed the crew to assess the accuracy of the data. He found that the data had not been manipulated, that they were accurately interpreted. Muller testified for the GOP at House Science & Technology Committee in Spring of 2011
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