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1Falcon, Is that all you can say?
1Falcon, Do you know how to write anything constructive?
"I've got a phone and I've got a pen......"
oops..."roles" not rolls.
" couples...who have children..." There would be no more children if all couples were gay! I don't see how children raised by same-sex couples can possibly learn what normal/traditional male/female rolls are.
Because the attraction is not natural or normal.
Ok, Flat. Where did the United States of America get its value system from? What is it based upon? The direction of the wind? Whose book of rules???
oops..."what moral standards do we have anymore?"
On what value system does that judge base his decision? Who decides whose rules are right?? What moral standards do have anymore? It's more like anything goes. What happens when somebody wants to marry their beloved pet, or their sibling, or have multiple spouses. Should those relationships be legal also? If not, why not. Whose rules???
Good point, Ronald.
Well isn't that nice. But Obama doesn't care much about the unborn children in America
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