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Maybe Barack can hug and kiss the African ebola-infected non-citizens as he welcomes them here.
Ewwww....hugged and kissed by Obummer.
Send this message to Obama, please. It only makes sense to isolate the sick from those who are not. Force Obama to do what it takes to CLOSE THE BORDERS and NO travelers here from Liberia or other Ebola-infected countries.
I wonder if Mr. Udall has given any thought to the idea that his own mother could have aborted him shortly before birth...sucking his brain out and dismembering his little body? Has he viewed any pictures of the remains/product of abortion??
It is despicable that Obama hasn't made a move to do anything about this!!!!
I guess I haven't heard, but was the victim white?
This doesn't really pertain to the topic at hand, but has anyone else observed the strange ways in which students these days hold a pencil to write? Notice how the students in this video are holding the pencils. We were taught to hold a pencil between the thumb and index finger.
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