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Who Failed Chicago?

anonymous Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 7:34 AM
I read a comparison of gun crime, comparing the USA and Canada. The USA has LESS gun crime than Canada and many other countries when you eliminate "Black people" from the equation. 12% of the population and 73% of the gun crime. Canada has way less black people than the USA so they have less gun crime than we do. Look at all the cities and sections of cities where we have a lot of gun crime. It's ALWAYS in the black neighborhood where you have the most incidences. ALWAYS... NOT RACIST, JUST THE FACTS....
On Tuesday, President Obama and the first lady used the State of the Union spotlight to pay tribute to an innocent teenage girl shot and killed by Chicago gang thugs. On Friday, Obama will travel to the Windy City to decry violence and crusade for more gun laws in the town with the strictest gun laws and bloodiest gun-related death tolls in America.

Does the White House really want to open up a national conversation about the state of Chicago? OK, let's talk.

Obama, his wife, his campaign strategists, his closest cronies and his biggest bundlers all hail from Chicago. Senior adviser and...