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Where Is The Inflation?

anonymous Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 9:45 AM
This idiot (author) apparently NEVER GOES TO THE GROCERY STORE OR THE GAS STATION. I couldn't care less if the new Iphone 5 costs the same as the old one (while needing a $30 cable to be able to be used).You are just another tool trying to push the company line that all is well in Mayberry. WELL IT ISN'T....

The Consumer Price Index was released this morning. It was up slightly.

US Consumer Price Index data by YCharts

Some are mystified by the economic results of the expansionary Federal Reserve policy. The Fed is working to try and get inflation started, but it doesn’t come. There is no inflation in the economy yet. The reason, money isn’t turning over. It’s being created by the Fed and it gets stuck into the banking system. Banks aren’t lending because they increased their requirements for lending after the financial crisis, and after the passage of Dodd-Frank. Additionally, because of all the...