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My Phone Call To Jason Collins

anonymous Wrote: May 09, 2013 7:07 AM
Teaching kids in kindergarten that homosexuality is "The New Normal" is abhorent, perverse and disgusting. Yet in Florida a 26 yr.old teacher is fired because she worked as a swimsuit (NON NUDE) model on HER OWN TIME to make extra money. However if she had been an advocate for "Fisting" or man on man anal sex she would be heralded from the rooftops as a TRULY AMAZING INDIVIDUAL....UNBELIEVEABLE
I love Ann Coulter. Rubio is right, sorta, SEND THEM HOME FOR 10 YEARS....
John, When mentioning Right wing extremist groups you forgot Chick-Fil-A. With all the cameras everywhere in Police State USA, you'd think there would be plenty of video of a guy or guys running around carrying 5 backpacks loaded with pressure cookers. Not exactly small and inconspicuous you know.
My proposal for immigration reform includes 5 YEARS PROBATION for all illegals currently requesting citizenship. After all they have broken the law by being here. RIGHT? In this time frame they will be given a TEMPORARY visa, must learn English, secure employment, are not eligible for any welfare,food stamps, etc., not commit any violations of US laws, and have NO VOTING RIGHTS GRANTED. THEN we'll see if the Dems really care about these people OR ONLY THE VOTES THEY WILL GET FROM THEM. After successfully completing probation, they will be issued permanent Green cards. To go along with this plan I propose a MAJOR FINE for any employers who hire anyone without proper documentation ($5-10 THOUSAND dollars should do the trick).
Bravo once again Michelle for being the voice of reason in our sea of insanity. I want to know where our Homeland Security was at the Boston Marathon. I've heard that the bombs were in pressure cookers in back packs. How did 5 of these get placed in trashcans all over the area and yer NOBODY NOTICED THEM. These must have been fairly large "suspicious packages" to be sure. With all the "sidewalk surveillance" going on now-a-days, you'd think that there surely is a video somewhere showing the culprits. Or a video of ONE GUY LOADED FOR BEAR WIELDING FIVE LARGE BACKPACKS ON HIS PERSON. See something INDEED....
I watched a video on Youtube a while back, done by an ER physician in a major city. (it was several years ago, so forgive me for the lack of a link). In it he stated having seen HUNDREDS of gunshot victims, that 6 out of 7 handgun victims (REGARDLESS OF CALIBER) were treated and released , BUT victims of rifle wounds rarely made it to the hospital. This goes to show the woeful lack of firepower inherent in ANY handgun round. By restricting magazine capacity OF THE GOOD GUYS, you give the advantage to the CRIMINALS...
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Liberals Go Crazy For The Mentally Ill

anonymous Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 8:51 AM
Another great article Ann. However, I'm surprised that you failed to mention the other 2 links to almost all of the mass murders. SSRI drug usage and Gun Free Zones. AT LEAST 90% of these incidents in the last 25 years, had one or the other or BOTH of these things in common.
A white guy wearing a plaid shirt holding a gun the way Bammy does. Like it's the first time he's ever been near one. If it were anymore racist of a commercial it would show a negro stealing a watermelon, while signing rap songs...
"No Balls Barack" is what I call him. JUST ONCE I'd like to hear "President PRESENT" take a stand on ANYTHING and own up to it later. The truth shall set you free.....
You forgot to mention, ARMED GUARDS in the school where HIS kids go. But It's UNCERTAIN if this would be a good idea for schools where OUR children go.... TOTAL FRIGGIN HYPOCRITE OF THE WORST SORT.
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