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Jon Stewart: Harry Reid Is Terrible

anonymous Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 10:55 AM
Bring it on! With unemployment going up to 8.3%, let us distract the voters with BS. Romney is so lily white and successful, that the dims must obfuscate the election with petty games. I cant believe I want to thank Jon Stewart for being ojective and fair.
Good point. If Romney wins, then the MSM will drone and drone negatives. Remember GW Bush horrible 5 % unemployment rate. The MSM did everything to bring down Bush and his Democratic Congress in the last two years.
Please do not assume on a GOP victory. It is too close, electorally. And Obama and the Dems will cheat to stay in power. It is all about control and destroying the Constitution. Vote Romney!
Obama is worst than Carter!!!! Wake up. the "Ozero" has no substance. He has no leadership and has chosen poor people in his Administration. Mitt has the resume to fix our economic problems.
I agree with some of your points. However, as a Hispanic Army veteran, I am not silent and support the GOP. I have donated to Mitt and will vote for him in Nov. There are Hispanic Governors and a Senator. You are thinking like Democrats with emotion
to Jobe, Much wisdom. Dems need stupidity to succeed. Plus Dems cheat. Obama will cheat.
However, remember that every Dem will vote often and cheat. The media will spin any cheating issue as a evil voter suppression tactic.
The pu..albots will always deny reality. Even RP has exited the primaries; however his minions will be blinded and embarrass themselves. The bots will only create a media story to assist Obama. What a shame.
too much wrong! I was thinking Obama would push oil price down to ge reelected. Darn those free markets and capitalism, cant control those pesky things. Maybe the invisble hand of competition will prove to true Americans that Obama is a loser for us and the economy.
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