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The Value Added Tax Would Raise Tons of Money; and that's Why it's Wrong

anonymous Wrote: May 04, 2012 5:52 PM
NO new tax is good, until the old Federal Income tax is eliminated along with the IRS.........also not until Government is cut, by closing down Departments, EPA, TSA, Education, Transportation, Health, Homeland Defense and taking Government out ALL sports, farming, end all subsidies, make it illegal to be a Lobbyist.....eliminate all donations by corporations and unions to political parties or elections.

I’ve written before how “The Value-Added Tax Would Be a Money Machine for Big Government.”

Writing for Bloomberg, Josh Barro has a piece entitled, “Value-Added Tax Would Raise Tons for U.S. Coffers.”

So you might think we see eye to eye on this issue, but that would be a rash assumption. While I see a giant new tax as a dangerous step on the road to serfdom, Josh thinks it’s a necessary and desirable reform.

…it is time to reconsider a VAT. It would be both substantively better and more politically palatable. Here’s why: A value-added tax raises a...

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