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Minnesota Schools Close So Teachers Can Play with Dolls, Learn About Teaching Islam

anonymous Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 9:04 AM
ALL Muslims that do not want to become Americans and insist on breaking our laws and having special privileges should be deported. NO more Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to America
katepatate Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 3:42 PM
Agreed. We have enough Muslims now and since about all Muslim countries are unfriendly to the United States, we are, in essence, immigrating enemies.

Each year, Minnesota government schools close for two days (just before the weekend, of course) so teachers’ union members can gather at a conference organized by their union.

It’s meant to “inspire teachers,” reported, and the conference includes a session titled, “Using Persona Dolls to Promote Social Emotional Intelligence and Acceptance of Diversity.”

The union describes it this way: “Used around the world, persona dolls are lifelike dolls with personalities and stories you create. The dolls become members of your classroom community and children learn by empathizing with the dolls and giving them heartfelt advice on the same...