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Amen! You spoke the truth! These older folk are going to die and leave all the debt on the young folk. These older people don't care at all about the younger generation who is already burdened by all the older generations idiocy.
Rand says he's NOT a libertarian and if you actually spoke to libertarians they would tell you they weren't going to vote for him because his policies aren't libertarian. I think of him as a fiscal conservative.
Actually, Ron Paul won several states. There was algorithmic vote swapping aka election fraud happening. Look it up and educate yourself.
Are you a warmonger or what? Read your Declaration of Independence again - governments are instituted to ensure our rights! aka liberties! Wars strip us of our liberties time and time again. They bankrupt the country. Because of the War on Drugs and 9/11 America is becoming a total police state. And the government never goes after our domestic enemies because they've embedded themselves WITHIN the government. We are supposed to be a Republic but many of the democRats are also members of the Socialist Party. We're being 'fundamentally transformed' and that isn't happening because of ISIS. Wake up, sleepyhead.
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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

anonymous Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 8:15 PM
Your's is the only comment I see addressing Cruz's ineligibiity. You are 100% correct. Cruz, Jindal and Rubio are all ineligible but that doesn't stop TH from suggesting them as candidates, which makes me wonder about TH. Cruz wasn't bon on US soil to 2 parents who were American citizens at the time of his birth. The only way to change the 'natural born citizen' requirement is through an amendment to the Constitution yet they keep on trying to do it sneakily through legislation. That doesn't work. Look at prohibition - until they repealed the 18th Amendment no law could stop it. I do not know how TownHall justifies its efforts to further erode Constitutional law.
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A 2020 Vision

anonymous Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 7:52 AM
Mr Erikson, why are you using the United Nations codeword for their evil Agenda 21 plan as the title of your piece? 'Vision 2020s' are everywhere, used world-wide to implement its (the UNs') evil communist program generally known as 'sustainable development'. I was horrified to see the title of your post and horrified that you think employing 'visioning' techniques is anything other than devious. Read the following and educate yourself, please: http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/anchorage-2020-title-21-smart-growth.html Please do not use any nefarious codewords from the UN in regards to American anything. Americans should see Vision 2020, Agenda 21, sustainable development and fight against it with all their might. In the same way that you can't start calling God Satan and expect good to come from the name change, expecting Republicans to adopt a 'Vision 2020' as the way 'forward' is condemning all to communism.
Actually, the EU was modeled after the United States - have separate, sovereign nations (or States) under one central government (in Brussels in Europe/D.C. in America) that would cede some of their powers to that central government. The idea of one currency for them all was so they could better compete against the US$. The problem with the EU is that these States were actually autonomous, with very different languages, customs and histories. Americans from the various States had one language, similar customs and the same history. After the War for Independance, no American had to be coerced into thinking, "I'm an American now", they already were, though some may have struggled with the idea that they were no longer subject the to crown. The French. Italians, Germans etc were being asked to forget their Franch-ness or Italian-ness and consider themselves 'European' first and foremost. They also had to give up their borders in favor of the new 'European' border, and since Brussels controls immigration flows, each once sovereign nation has lost control of their immigration controls. The EU was the worst idea for the people of those once sovereign nations as it stole from them their identity and ability to self-govern.
WJF accused 'some RP followers' of calling Gowdy a RINO and I pointed out that Mark Levin actually did call Gowdy a RINO for, as you say, his immigration stance. WJF has so far ignored the fact that Levin actually did call Gowdy a RINO and is going off on a RP smear campaign even tho RP is not longer a part of the DC chain gang. I guess some people just have a difficult time with the fact that Rmoney lost.
I agree with you. Excellent points! I actually prefer Thomas Massie's 'Gruber Grilling' over Gowdy's. http://youtu.be/EZRpVEYo0bI At least Massie is really letting people know exactly what kind of buffoon Gruber is.
So you believe RP's constituency should pay federal taxes but not get any of it back to help pay for things like a 'Reading is Fundamental' program because you think Common Core is so great, or maintanance for the areas waterways, etc? Are you really that ignorant or just a big believer in redistribution of wealth to your congressional district and no other? And you do know what happens to funding that isn't earmarked, right? Bet you don't. It goes straight into the president's pocket to do with as he pleases! You really want BO to have unlimited funds and no one will ever know what happens to it? Were you equally outraged when Bush said that $22BILLION 'disappeared' in Iraq? Someone was paid off big time and there probably wasn't a peep out of you. And you actually want the UN to decide US policy on everything? What is wrong with you? Do you honestly believe the PATRIOT Act, TSA and NDAA are good for Americans because we're too stupid to have liberty and need an overbearing govt to repress us? You believe that those 3k killed on 9/11 want their memory smeared by that kind of legislation? The day we gave up our liberty for the sake of pretend security is the day we got neither, but you'd rather spit on the memory of those 3k and accept the tyranny wrought by that legislation. I'm not surprised you have no comment re: Levin calling Gowdy a RINO. He's probably 'your kinda guy' or something. Maybe you're just jealous because Paul had huge crowds while he campaigned and all Rmoney got were crickets. Warmongering neocons like you are part of the problem, not the solution.
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