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Christie: 'You're Damn Right' I'll Be More Prepared to Run in 2016

anonymous Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 7:43 AM
Christie would never get my vote and neither would that uneligible Rubio. I actually think the Repubs never went after Obama's ineligibility - BO's not a 'natural born citizen' as his father was a foreigner - because they planned on either putting up Rubio or that other ineligible 'star' Jindal. I am really disgusted with the GOP always shredding our Constitution. What don't the understand when we scream, "NO MORE RINOs!"

Yeah, you're damn right I'm writing a 2016 got a problem with that, chump?  (Forgive me, I'm still fine-tuning my Chris Christie impression).  But in all seriousness, it's a slowish news week, and I've managed to resist the general subject for well over a month -- this minor detour excluded -- so why not?   Christie is gearing up for his re-election campaign in New Jersey, which could turn out to be something of a romp.  His ratings are sky high, his toughest potential challenger decided to focus his ambitions