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Bill Kristol: Tea Partiers Won't Mind More Taxes

anonymous Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 8:52 AM
Widely considered by whom? Fellow neocons? He's not a conservative and never has been. That's just propaganda. The guy is a PROGRESSIVE through and through, just like all neocons are. Read about his evil father and you'll see why the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Bill Kristol just doesn't get the Tea Party and apparently, doesn't understand the Obama tax hike proposal on those making more than $250,000 per year. Last week, Kristol said "it wouldn't kill the country" if we raised taxes on millionaires and yesterday on Fox News Sunday, he said the Tea Party wouldn't mind a tax increase on millionaires, either.

Kristol: A lot of the Tea Party guys don’t care too much if a few millionaires pay couple percent more in taxes, honestly.